The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Fashion For Profit Perfect by Frances Harder

Fashion For Profit Perfect by Frances Harder

Fashion For Profit 11th edition is a professional’s complete guide to designing, branding, manufacturing a sustainable clothing collection & Marketing. Reviewed and validated by experts from within each specific crucial area of design, product development, finance, production, through to sales and marketing of a product. This 11th edition also includes the important steps to include the demand for sustainable products.

Frances Harder authored and published a series of books dealing with starting a fashion business. Fashion for Profit (11 h edition), Costing for Profit (3 rd edition), Brand Building for Profit (3 rd edition), and downloadable all the Forms for Profit are industry focused
texts used both by new companies and for further education programs.

Consultant to the United Nations assisting small businesses: Peru- Alpaca products, (women owned businesses), Nepal – Cashmere products and assisting Egyptian apparel manufacturer enter the U.S. market. She consults and speaks internationally on product development, branding,
merchandising, sustainability, costing, production and entering the US market. Serves as an industry expert witness in industry related legal disputes. Organizes and presents seminars at Sourcing at Magic trade shows-(22 years) Presents on a variety of topics and moderates