The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Fiercely ME by Stephanie Rowe

Fiercely ME by Stephanie Rowe

In her self-published memoir, Stephanie narrates her remarkable journey through childhood, adolescence, and early-adult life with parents who struggled with addiction and poverty. She describes her fight to survive and reveals her growing understanding of the role that inner strength and determination has played in her personal and professional achievements.

Stephanie explores how she learned to overcome debilitating depression, the return of suppressed childhood memories, as well as severe domestic family violence and sexual abuse.

In dark moments of despair, Stephanie was unsure if she was going to be able to survive the travesties of her life. Questioning herself, Steph realised that she was the only person who had control of her life and its outcomes. She then spent ten years going through therapy and learning how to process her traumatic experiences.

Through recounting these raw experiences, she shows how the stories we tell about ourselves can help to shape who we become, and influence others around us. Determined to learn the skills that weren’t taught to her, and constantly striving for a life of development, Stephanie fought for, and created, a flourishing life. She writes authentically and honestly as she takes her reader on this clear, yet unconventional, tour.

This autobiographical memoir expresses Steph’s unique journey as she travels through the stages of survival and taking back her narrative. She fully understands the power in speaking up about her lived experiences. By not shying away from her truth, she hopes to touch and help others in similar situations, and work towards a world where these experiences don’t happen.

Stephanie now knows that when we step away from society’s conditioning, and embrace empowerment and community, a life of liberation, freedom, joy, and wonder awaits. This memoir has a little, and a lot, of everything as Steph bravely and definitely takes her reader on a journey of strength, hope, and life.