The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence by Patrick Kilner

Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence by Patrick Kilner

What if I told you that the ability to find six influential relationships is the only thing standing between you and your biggest goals in business and in life?
That your revenue could double or triple if you found the right six? That your search for great business partnerships would evaporate if you could uncover six? That you will never want for the right investors, advocates, and clients if you could find your six? And that you could build a business that you could pass on to your kids or sell if you could just find those six?
And what if I told you that one of the biggest challenges to finding your six is the lead generation tactics you’ve been taught? What if I showed you that they are not just keeping you from your six, but simultaneously robbing you of the fulfillment you deserve and make your business vulnerable to disruption in the era of big tech?
Find Your Six is a brief manifesto that shares a new philosophy of how to look at relationships and charts a roadmap for success. You’ll discover:
Why lead generation has become a losing proposition
What true influence is and how to win and develop it systematically
How to rethink everything you know about networking
How to never compete for business again while growing your revenue every quarter
How to win back time for the most important people in your life
How to give the gift of influence to others
Most of all, you’ll learn how to identify, win over, and invest in your six.