The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Generous Influencers: You Hold the Key to Creating a Positive Impact by Robert Kaelin

Generous Influencers: You Hold the Key to Creating a Positive Impact by Robert Kaelin

We all desire to leave a legacy. We all desire to create impact. Often, we struggle with where to start. Look no further.

Generous Influencers is a collection of practical tools, inspiring stories, and expert advice to help you understand influence, your unique purpose, and how you use these to create positive impact in your community and beyond. You will be moved to action through an invitation to an abundant, prosperous life. Despite the tendency for people to achieve success at the expense of others, Robert calls all into the endless possibilities unlocked when we operate in service of others. Whether you are looking for a feel-good read or some inspiration to put your values into action, there is something inspiring here for everyone.

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Robert Kaelin is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach. He graduated with a degree in leadership from Faith International University and is the founder of Counterculture Leadership, which helps equip leaders to reach their full potential. He is also the founder of Generous Influencers, a non-profit organization that aims to influence communities with generosity through community events and building local partnerships.


Robert Kaelin joins Chris Voss on The Chris Voss Show to discuss his upcoming book, “Generous Influencers: You Hold the Key to Creating a Positive Impact.” In the interview, Robert emphasizes the importance of generosity in leadership and how it can create a positive impact on others. He shares personal stories and experiences that shaped his perspective on generosity and offers practical advice on how to add value to others. Robert also talks about the importance of gratitude and reflection in becoming a generous influencer.

Key Takeaways:

Generosity is a key component of effective leadership and can create a positive impact on others.

Adding value to others is the essence of generosity, and it can be done in various ways.

Wholeness is essential in becoming a generous influencer, and it involves spiritual, physical, mental, and relational aspects.

Time is a valuable resource, and being intentional with it can lead to making a positive impact on others.

Reflecting on one’s life and being grateful can help cultivate a generous mindset.


“Generosity is the key component of any good leader.”

“Adding value to another person is the essence of generosity.”

“Change leaders change lives, and transformation happens within.”

“The world is full of generous people, and if you can’t find one, be one.”

“Generosity is about pouring from a cup that’s already full.”