The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Greg Sunvold, Founder of SunGlacial Biotics for Dog Health

Greg Sunvold, Founder of SunGlacial Biotics for Dog Health

Dr. Greg has always had an interest in the health of animals. Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Minnesota, caring for animals has always come as second nature to him. Through watching the animals on the family farm, he noted many similarities and differences in their natural behaviors. He noticed that pets and farm animals alike benefitted from a highly nutritious diet that consisted of essential nutrients. He also noticed that the optimal type of diet varied based on not only species but also the life stage and challenges that the animal faced.

Inspired by his upbringing on the family farm, Dr. Greg attended Kansas State University where he began his Master’s research in the field of ruminant nutrition. Inspired by the cattle’s unique ability to convert grass (indigestible to humans) into a highly nutritious food product that humans could digest, Dr. Greg began his studies as a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois. During his Ph.D. program, he researched the use of fermentable fibers in the diets of both cats and dogs. This research

sparked his interest in the area that was later to be called the microbiome, an area that he specializes in today. Good gut health is foundational to nearly every life stage and condition an animal may experience. Due to their significant impact on gut health, microbiome technologies underpin the design of all products made by his company, SunGlacial Biotics.