The Chris Voss Show Podcast – HEY DOORMAN: inception to an anthology by Haji Outlaw

HEY DOORMAN: inception to an anthology by Haji Outlaw

The world’s funniest bouncer regales with true tales of Los Angeles nightlife in the sublimely original workplace memoir—Hey Doorman: Inception to an Anthology.

A bouncer, or doorman, in the city of angels can be many things. But there is only one Haji Outlaw (if you haven’t guessed by his name) and he tells stories in a supremely unique way, like Skittles wrapped in cleavage, safely secured in the beak of a 7th degree black belt time-traveling pterodactyl. Which is understandable knowing that he has written for The Eric Andre Show and produced music for Kool Keith, two enigmatic artists of note. In this book the author tackles Hollywood after dark in bars/nightclubs, intoxicated people of all sorts, celebrity encounters, not to mention his own sexual encounters of the third kind (wink!).

Have you ever wondered what the worst night of the year is at a bar/nightclub? Who are the worst people in Tinseltown? Which celebrity has the biggest head? These answers and many, many more are answered in this literary voyage. Most bouncers have a personality and writing flair (not Ric Flair—WOO!) that falls in line with their profession. That is not the case here as the author of Hey Doorman has garnered praise from some comedy heavyweights: