The Chris Voss Show Podcast – How It All Ends! (White Horse Series) by Richard Ruhling

How It All Ends! (White Horse Series) by Richard Ruhling

An increasing number of people are wondering, Are we getting to the biblical end-times? The answer is YES, but most people do not know that Muslims will precipitate it as seen in Christ’s warning for Jerusalem.
We can expect the war against Israel to escalate with Jerusalem taken as Zechariah 14 shows. Hezbollah has already joined with Hamas. In Hebrew, hamas is translated as violence in Genesis 6:13. God knew what was coming. nor do they understand the “roar.” “The Lord shall roar from Jerusalem…the heavens and earth shall shake,” Joel 3:16. That earthquake will be felt world-wide as it initiates the biblical end-times.

God won’t do anything without revealing it, Amos 3:7, and the next verse is the “roar” that He wants to reveal.

The “roar” is one of four ways the earthquake is encoded in Revelation. The last of seven churches, lukewarm with materialism, ended in an earthquake also encoded as a “knock” circa 63 AD. And the message to that church has 7 parallels to Luke’s wedding parable where, when Christ “knocks,” we are to open to Him immediately with imagery of the Passover meal like when Christ gave the New Covenant promise.

The reader has much to gain with relevance to the news and readiness.