The Chris Voss Show Podcast – How To Be Fan-f*cking-tastic! by Max A. Borges

How To Be Fan-f*cking-tastic! by Max A. Borges

How am I doing? I’m fan-fucking-tastic of course! I’ve always been an optimistic person. That optimism has led me to countless opportunities both personal and professional that have given me more success than I had ever dreamed of. Through the years I have accumulated bits of wisdom that serve me each and every day. This simple book contains some of that wisdom in hopes of helping YOU create a more fulfilling and abundant life – a life that is fan-fucking-tastic! Each time you pick up this book, something new may resonate and help you in some area of your life that needs a little something. Be sure and keep it close by for those days you need it.-Max Borges

Max Borges is an entrepreneur who in 2002 founded the Max Borges Agency – a tech-focused
public relations firm. By studying the habits of business and strategy icons, he built his
agency to more than 50 employees and $10 million a year in revenue.
Max lives in Miami Beach with his amazing wife and three children.
He also hosts a podcast called Unconventional Genius, invests in tech startups and listens
to heavy metal