The Chris Voss Show Podcast – How to Live an Abundant Life by Carl Grant III

How to Live an Abundant Life by Carl Grant III

To live the best life is to live the abundant life. To learn how to live abundantly, it helps to have a guide.

Carl Grant III, author of How to Live the Abundant Life, is well-equipped to take that role.

With decades of experience as a business leader, community head, and family man, he’s learned what it takes to live an abundant life—one that’s filled with meaningful activities and social connections, both professional and personal.

In this book, readers will find a step-by-step template for living the abundant life and learn the following:

Developing a positive mindset is vital to living with abundance.
Helping others without expecting anything in return enriches your life in many ways.
Finding your purpose and letting it guide your actions is critical.
Seeking spiritual growth leads you to a life of abundance.
Challenging your assumptions and taking on difficult, risky tasks sharpens your ability to achieve your toughest goals.
While material wealth is not necessarily central to the abundant life, living this type of life—with an abundance mindset—can help you attain financial success. The contentment generated by such a life can be a powerful tool for achieving all of your objectives, whether they are centered on your work, personal, or financial activities.

Let Carl Grant be your guide in this practical, no-nonsense blueprint to building a life that is rich in all the things that make life worth living. Get a copy now and live abundantly!

About the author
Carl Grant III is a married father of five adult children and a man of faith. He is a successful entrepreneur and a servant leader who lives in Austin, TX. He is chairman of a company that is working to eradicate diseases previously thought to be incurable. Carl enjoys fitness, boating, aviation, live music, and world travel. He is currently spending significant time in the Middle East, building bridges between the East and West. He founded two workplace ministries — Sunday Service @SxSW and the High Tech Prayer Breakfast and spent 20 years volunteering in juvenile detention centers.