The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Jeanne Omlor, 7 figure Coach for Coaches and Consultants

Jeanne Omlor, 7-figure Coach for Coaches and Consultants

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Jeanne Omlor is a business strategist, seven-figure online business coach, and certified servant leadership executive coach. At 54 years old, she went from being a solo parent in deep debt to building a million-dollar online business in just 17 months. She has since scaled her business to multimillions in four years and has helped over 400 businesses thrive online.

Jeanne Omlor is a business strategist and online business coach who helps coaches and consultants scale their businesses without complicated tech or advertising costs. She emphasizes the importance of simplicity and emotional connection in building a successful coaching business. Jeanne believes in the power of servant leadership and helping others reach their full potential while maximizing profits. She encourages coaches to highlight their value, establish a clear target market, and avoid undervaluing their offers. Jeanne’s coaching programs focus on providing a laser-focused strategy and a frustration-free pathway to success.

Key Takeaways:

Coaches often overcomplicate the process of building a successful coaching business.

Diamond clients are those who are committed to achieving their goals and are willing to put in the work.

Many coaches struggle to get clients and undervalue their offers.

Servant leadership involves dropping ego and helping others succeed.

Emotional connection and transparency are essential in coaching.


“Human beings overcomplicate everything. Even when given something simple, they’ll look for ways to make it more complex.” – Jeanne Omlor

“Diamond clients are people who say they want something and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.” – Jeanne Omlor

“You don’t always need certification. There are certain things people are really great at, and there’s no certification. They’re just good at it.” – Jeanne Omlor

“Highlight your value, recognize it, and know how to package and sell it.” – Jeanne Omlor

“Servant leadership is about helping others without positioning ourselves above them.” – Jeanne Omlor


Jeanne Omlor is a Business Strategist, Online Business Coach, and certified Servant Leadership Executive Coach. At 54 years old she was a solo parent in deep debt and got herself online and to $1M in 17 months, without ads, and has since scaled to multi-millions in 4 years. Her company has helped over 380 businesses to thrive online. She is emotionally connected to helping others make money, as she lived in lack for years and overcame that mindset. She is now helping as many people as she can to maximize profits and reach their full potential while being the visionary they’re destined to be.