The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Jonathan Niziol, Model, Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Athlete

Jonathan Niziol, Model, Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Athlete

Starting out on a chill Canadian farm, things took a gut-wrenching twist when Jonathan’s mom passed away on the day before his 21st birthday. His dream of becoming a lacrosse star got side-swiped by years of battling booze, hitting rock bottom at just 25. But that crazy wakeup call lit a fire, inspiring him to rebuild his body and mind while grappling with the loss of his mom. In a nod to his mom’s legacy, he took a detour into modeling – a world that threw him face-to-face with his inner demons. Jonathan’s quest for perfection led to body issues and a tough bout with food and an 8 year long eating disorder. On top of that, he faced a hellish sexual assault, lost close friends, and struggled hard with depression and anxiety. As a way to cope, he veered into multiple drug addictions. But in 2017, he made a gutsy move and dove into therapy, finally kicking the addiction that had him in a headlock for 15 long years. He is now 16.5 years sober from alcohol and 6.5 years sober from everything else. Living a balanced and happy life, which is why he is ready to share the story of his deepest secrets and shames with others. In hopes that he can help.