The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Larry Diamond, Co-Founder and US CEO of Zip a Leading Financial Services Company

Larry Diamond, Co-Founder and US CEO of Zip a Leading Financial Services Company

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Larry Diamond is the co-founder and CEO of Zip, a leading financial services company that offers innovative payment solutions. With a background in retail technology and investment banking, Larry co-founded Zip in 2013 with the goal of disrupting the traditional credit card model. Today, Zip is listed as an ASX company and has millions of customers globally.


Larry Diamond, co-founder and CEO of Zip, joins Chris Voss on The Chris Voss Show to discuss how Zip is disrupting the world of financial services with its innovative payment solutions. Zip offers a “credit card of tomorrow” for underserved customers, allowing them to pay later and build their credit profile over time. With a focus on customer-centricity, Zip aims to be the first payment choice everywhere and every day.

Key Takeaways:

Zip is a buy now pay later service that provides flexible and accessible payment options for customers.

Customers can use Zip at various merchants and even generate a virtual credit card for purchases anywhere.

Zip’s underwriting process takes into account alternative data assets in addition to FICO scores.

Merchants can integrate Zip into their e-commerce platforms easily, leading to increased conversion rates and sales.

Zip is focused on responsible lending and encourages customers to pay back their purchases quickly.


“We want to disrupt the world of financial services and provide a credit card of tomorrow for the customer of tomorrow.” – Larry Diamond

“Zip is the product that customers have gravitated to for its flexibility and ease of use.” – Larry Diamond

“We use a range of alternative data assets in our underwriting process to better understand customers.” – Larry Diamond

“Zip’s integration with e-commerce platforms has led to a 20% increase in conversion and top-line sales for merchants.” – Larry Diamond

“We encourage customers to pay back their purchases quickly and responsibly.” – Larry Diamond


Meet Larry Diamond, the unstoppable force behind Zip Co’s meteoric rise as a global fintech leader. As the Global CEO, Larry’s entrepreneurial saga unfurls across continents, beginning in Sydney and crossing the ocean to New York, culminating in Zip Co’s status as an international fintech behemoth.

Larry isn’t just a CEO; he is a visionary, a trailblazer whose story illustrates the potent combination of grit, innovation, and strategic acumen. Co-founding Zip Co in 2013, Larry propelled the company on a trajectory of exponential growth, securing its position in the global fintech ecosystem. This remarkable journey has seen Zip Co extend its reach beyond Australia, with Larry at the helm, forging partnerships with leading international brands and retailers.