The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Lead It Like Lasso by Marnie Stockman

Lead It Like Lasso by Marnie Stockman

When Ted Lasso was hired as the new gaffer (coach) for AFC Richmond, the team, the town, and the entire country made it no secret that they thought he was just a clueless “wanker.” But it was clear, even early on, that Ted knew a thing or two about being a good leader. It’s not about the wins and losses but about helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Much like Ted Lasso the show, Lead It Like Lasso takes an entirely different approach to leadership. The foreword alone will shock you. The lessons outlined are not just for business leaders. Rule #1 – Leadership is Life! These tools can be applied in the board room, the locker room and the living room.

You might want to have a pencil (or your own whiteboard) on hand to work through the activities:

Define your core values and learn how culture impacts your ability to level up
Create a clear vision and purpose for your life to reach your goals
Build your own personal operating system and communication guide
Adopt effective communication strategies to build your network
Envision your legacy and outline a plan to make it happen
This not your grandmother’s leadership book. Heck it isn’t even Ted’s grandmother’s leadership book. This book feels like having your own personal Ted Lasso breaking down leadership lessons in a way that will make you smile – inspiring action you can take right away.

The authors offer leadership lessons from their own successful startup, the lives of the team at AFC Richmond, and top leaders of industry. Level up and lead your life like Lasso. Believe.