The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Lessons Learned: From the Short Stories of My Life by Laurie Koss

Lessons Learned: From the Short Stories of My Life by Laurie Koss

Everyone has a story. Laurie Koss has five hundred and fifteen.

In her page-turning debut book, the award-winning Canadian artist has crafted a memoir like no other. Each page of Lessons Learned is a single story concluding with a thought-provoking quote.

Perfect for today’s busy lifestyle, Lessons Learned is unique because the reader can choose to enjoy the stories chronologically like a novel, flip to a random page to uncover which lesson they chance upon, or read one-story-per-day for a daily dose of inspiration.

The quotes that complete each story originate from diverse literary, cultural, and historical sources. They make Lessons Learned a one-of-a-kind experience as the reader is encouraged to take a moment at the end of each page to ponder the lesson or have a laugh.

Koss’ childhood stories begin in 1960’s Vancouver, B.C., with topics spanning from her budding interest in art to her keen intuition and family ghost stories to the tumultuous family dynamics created by a loving but alcoholic parent. With each story—and each life lesson learned—readers witness the coming-of-age and self-discovery of a young artist determined to create the life she dreams of living.

But life rarely goes as smoothly as we plan. Following the dips and successes of her romantic life, family, and career, Koss also illustrates the unexpected heartache of a life-altering illness and ongoing struggles with friendships—and the spiritual growth that can arise when we’re open to learning from these experiences.

Offering a blend of introspection, vulnerability, and creativity, Koss brings to life universal experiences that connect us all, interspersed by unique and often hilarious “Only Me” moments.

Koss’ storytelling takes the reader on an unforgettable journey from 1960s hippies to the 2020 pandemic. Her tales are a time portal to various eras and a reminder that we, too, have stories and history worth sharing. Story by story, quote by quote, Laurie Koss entertains with self-effacing humour, compassion, and insight, proving there is a lesson to be learned in every moment life offers.

Lessons Learned is a collection of short stories to treasure, savour, and share with loved ones. It is sure to become a must-read for those seeking a refreshing, laugh-out-loud, heartfelt, and entertaining book.

What You’ll Discover Inside:
515 One-Page Short Stories
Family and Friendship
Popular Culture
The Unexplainable
Married Life & Parenting
Overcoming Challenges
Achieving Goals
Trusting Intuition
Finding Meaning in Life
Over 500 thought-provoking quotes

About the author
Laurie Koss is an award-winning contemporary Canadian artist best known for her close-up floral paintings. Her work adorns two national commissions: Canada Post’s 2015 Flower Series stamps and a 2015 Royal Canadian Mint twenty-dollar collector’s coin. She is a Senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and enjoys her role jurying art and mentoring emerging artists.

Born and raised in Vancouver—where she studied Fine Arts and English at the University of British Columbia—Laurie now lives in Kelowna with her husband. When she’s not painting or writing, (or stumbling into “only me” moments), she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, teaching/practicing yoga, travelling, tending her vegetable garden, and pursuing a path of self-improvement. Lessons Learned is her first book.