The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Life Crafting: A Master’s Journal by Charles Paul Collins

Life Crafting: A Master’s Journal by Charles Paul Collins

Charles Collins has spent more than three decades researching the world of traditional workshops, and their pursuit of high-quality craftsmanship as the guiding force in their work, and as a model for crafting a masterpiece of our own lives.

In Life Crafting: A Master’s Journal, the newest book in the Life Crafting collection, Charles has condensed the lessons from this ancient way of working into a simple, easy to follow framework that anyone can apply to guide and improve our personal lives, and the work we do in our trades, occupations and professions.

Life Crafting: A Master’s Journal scheduled for completion in 2024, is the companion guide to ‘Your Life Curriculum’ the first book in the Life Crafting collection released in 2012.

‘Your Life Curriculum’ – will help you organize everything you have and will learn in your lifetime, into five master categories called the Five Elements:

Family and Personal Heritage
Family and Household Management
Family and Personal Finance
The Human Being
Tools for Living
It’s like having the master library of your life at your fingertips. “What You Learn, Makes You Who You Are”.

Major chapters in Charles’ professional career include working in the international trade finance organization of a major London bank and managing international strategic alliances for a number of leading internet technology companies.

He is the developer of the Polaris Performance Framework™, a business performance and operational excellence structure used to align individuals and teams with organizational goals and performance measures.

Charles holds a B.S. in Speech from Emerson College where as an undergraduate, he also taught two full credit courses: Philosophy of Religion, and Religion in Eastern Culture.

His continuing education includes certifications in Foundations of Intercultural Research from Georgetown University, The Value and Limits of Self Knowledge from the University of Edinburgh, and Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, from the University of Michigan.