The Chris Voss Show Podcast – LIFE MASTERY – Life by Design by Mark W. Collins

LIFE MASTERY – Life by Design by Mark W. Collins

Life Mastery, life by design, is a book that focuses on the readers created value, their unique Identity and their ability to shape their life into the uncompromisingly awesome experience they were created for.

Through the conversations laid out in each chapter, they will not only learn tools to upgrade their lives but will also find powerful insights to demolish the false beliefs and lies that are standing in the way.

Life mastery is a labor of love born from Mark’s own experience in striving for the life he was created for and from mentoring hundreds of others to do the same.

If you want the life you dreamed you could have and want battle-tested tools to overcome what is standing in the way, then Life Mastery—Life by Design—is for you.