The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Live Ready: A Guide to Protecting Yourself In An Uncertain World by Sam Rosenberg

Live Ready: A Guide to Protecting Yourself In An Uncertain World by Sam Rosenberg

Live Ready is a book about dangerous people – about predators who live in our midst and who violate our social contract with impunity.

It’s also a book about navigating a world filled with such people. It shows you how to recognize them, how to understand their methods and motivations, how to keep them at a safe remove from yourself and your loved ones (and when that’s not possible, how to defeat them).

As Louis Pasteur once remarked, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Live Ready offers a way to prepare our minds and bodies to live in a world full of risk and dangerous people – and when necessary, to become dangerous ourselves.

About the author
Sam Rosenberg protects people and organizations, and teaches them how to protect themselves.

Author, speaker, and the Founder of Live Ready, Sam and his team provide comprehensive enterprise risk management, personal protection training, and close protection services for clients globally.

Sam served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in the private sector as a close protection specialist for some of the world’s highest profile individuals, including heads-of-state, dignitaries, celebrities, and CEO’s. He is the author of The Traveler’s Guide to Personal Security, The Path of the Victor, and the forthcoming Live Ready – A Guide to Protecting Yourself in an Uncertain World, as well as, the inventor of the Response Pen (Patent #9,108,454).

Sam and his team have empowered tens of thousands of individuals, and hundreds of organizations through his unique hands-on compression training methods, teaching participants how to use the same skills, tools and trade-craft Sam and his team use to protect public figures.

Sam’s personal clients include Fortune 100 companies, CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, soldiers, law enforcement professionals, and government officials. His opinion on violence prevention, threat management, and personal and institutional security are routinely sought by the news media.