The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Never Say Whatever: How Small Decisions Make a Big Difference by Richard A. Moran

Never Say Whatever: How Small Decisions Make a Big Difference by Richard A. Moran

Life Is Choices. Make Them.

Calling in late to a Zoom meeting with kids playing in the background. Avoiding optional meetings. Dodging low-profile assignments. Giving H.R. lunch-and-learns a hard pass. There are countless ways we’ve become the apathetic version of our corporate selves―dismissing what seems unimportant with a big shrug emoji. Whatever. Who cares?

In Never Say Whatever, veteran author, radio host, and former college president Dr. Richard Moran reveals with stunning clarity why you should care: The W-word is a career killer. In fact, he likens it to the similarly NSFW F-bomb. It can be a whole sentence, an attitude, an “OK,” or nothing at all. It’s a word that comes in handy and can be habit forming, but the consequences of using it as your fallback response can have drastically negative results over time.

The numerous daily decisions we make, both at work and in life, are small chances to make big impact. Understanding this―and banishing that “meh” attitude―is key to success.

Written with unflinching honesty, humor, and interviews with corporate decision makers, Never Say Whatever offers a blueprint to help everyone understand why and how the choices we make, even the minor ones, are in fact pivotal to professional development and career trajectory. For young graduates just starting out to seasoned professionals seeking ways to reenergize their careers, it’s a timely call to get on track, and stay on track, with boosted productivity, an impressive personal brand, and a fortified gameplan for a supercharged career.