The Chris Voss Show Podcast – O C E A N by Anastasia Lindsey

O C E A N by Anastasia Lindsey

The book of waves, never told before secrets, and the restorative nature of love.

Just like the depth of the ocean, this book takes you deep into the mind of author Anastasia Lindsey, where you will not only unlock her secrets and wonders of life, but that of your own too, washing away the pain and heartbreak, and energetically transforming into a state of healing. O C E A N allows you to get lost and be an explorer of the wonders that come once you make it safely to shore, where your soul is met with serenity.

In O C E A N, we experience the opportunity of connection and to grow with our emotions, to expand past fear as vast as the sea, and become in flow with creation and unconditional love, just like the ocean.