The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Out of Darkness Into Light by Lauralee Lindholm

Out of Darkness Into Light by Lauralee Lindholm

I am a living witness and a fruit of the light that shined in the deepest darkness. This book shows the power of the Gospel to transform lives. -Beletew Kebede, president of the Ethiopian Addis Kidan Baptist Church

Living in the highlands of Ethiopia was like living in the Wild West. No one trusted anybody; a gun or a doola was always at hand-and was often used; farming was primitive, and famine was always close at hand; and evil spirits held real power over the people’s lives. Theirs was not a good life, and we wanted to help. We went as a community development team, asked God for guidance, and things began to change. As a spiritual battle broke out, we relived events from the book of Acts. Amazingly, God worked, and we watched a people group come out of darkness and into the light!