The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Permission to Kick Ass: Creatively Rebel Against the Old Business Rules without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Mind by Angie Colee

Permission to Kick Ass: Creatively Rebel Against the Old Business Rules without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Mind by Angie Colee

“I’m a creative person. I don’t have a head for business…”

“I want to be a full-time creator, but there’s no money in it…”

“Building a business is too complicated, I’ll just stick with a side hustle…”

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking any of the above, Permission to Kick Ass is for you. Angie invites you to set the idea of a “normal” business on fire in favor of creating your own path – no suits or TPS reports required. This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to escaping the job trap and building a creative business that works for you AND the life you want to live. You’ll learn how to:

Create a plan you can be proud of
Get cash coming in quickly
Rally your support troops
Set boundaries like a boss
Steel yourself on the down days
And much more

Pick up your copy of Permission to Kick Ass today and you could be in business next week!

Here’s what readers are saying:

If you’ve wanted to start a business and felt too scared or started one and gotten stuck… this book is for you! Angie helps you understand what’s going on when your mind pulls the brakes on big risks-and how to kick ass your way. Her hilarious stories provide a fresh look at real problems people entering business face, like how to leave your job and how to pay your bills while you grow your business. The practical tools she provides in the companion guide are everything you need to get started, from exercises to help you find clients to knowing what to charge, and even how to stay confident when things get tough.

I just wish I’d had this book when I first started my business. It reads like a best friend’s diary, and she says everything I worried about silently, but thought it was “just me.” Permission to Kick Ass is the entrepreneur’s battle cry for creative souls to control your life, money, and work.
– Cindy Childress, Ph.D. The Expert’s Ghostwriter(R)

“Failure is an event. It’s not your identity.” This line is only one of a gazillion gems of the straight talk, no holds barred advice and experience Angie shares. You don’t need anyone’s permission to chart your own path, and Angie is your street-smart guide, complete with a few well-placed F-bombs to knock you out of your comfort zone and jolt you into action. If you’re struggling to step into your greatness, pick up a copy of Angie’s book and get both inspired and motivated to grab your own piece of this world.
Lisa Christoffel, business and mindset coach for busy women leaders


Angie is a business mentor for rule breakers and rebels. She believes creativity is one of the most valuable assets on the planet, that business skills can be learned by anyone, and that people (NOT profits or processes) are the most important part of business.

She specializes in helping founders, creators, and creative service providers find hidden revenue opportunities that don’t take up a ton of time, resources, bandwidth, or cash.
Her mission is to help you grow your business with more confidence and less stress… without becoming a completely different person or losing your edge.

Angie has a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon and has consulted with and run creative teams for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF), MasterClass, Lowe’s, Copy Chief, Orzy Media, and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad brand.

When she’s not writing or publishing new episodes of her podcast, Permission to Kick Ass, you’ll find her on the road living as a full-time digital nomad with her cats, Stella and Ollie.