The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Personal Power: How to Crush It in Life

Personal Power: How to Crush It in Life

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Dan is an evolutionary entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of 1 Insight 2 Thrive, an evolutionary global education academy with courses serving people from all over the world to emerge into who they truly are. After 40 years in business as a CEO and having run businesses from $7-$400million, Dan is dedicated and committed to training the transformational leaders moving forward. Dan is a transformational teacher, leader, speaker, educator, coach and visionary. He is the creator of Personal Power Master Class 2020, a transformational course of personal empowerment, influence, and persuasion. Dan’s mission is to democratize and scales knowledge around the world to the advantage of others creating a world where everyone can thrive. As a lifelong learner and more than 40 years of personal development and men’s work, Dan credits this as the source of his own growth, success, impact, and development.