The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Richard Lovatt Talks Bollywood, Sales, and Soap!

Richard Lovatt Talks Bollywood, Sales, and Soap!

Sales Consulting and Coaching:

Grapplers Guard Soap:

About the Guest(s):
Richard Lovatt is a British-born actor and a skilled sales director. Best known for his unique and bombastic journey into Bollywood, Richard rapidly rose through the ranks of the Indian film industry despite his foreign origins. With a robust acting background, he has pivoted to apply his expertise in sales, working with top-tier entrepreneurs and high-revenue businesses as a sales director. Richard is also a passionate practitioner of grappling sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has recently launched a product, Grapplers Guard, a specialized soap aimed at fighters and grapplers to prevent bacterial infections.

Episode Summary:
Join Chris Voss on a riveting journey as he converses with Richard Lovett, a British-born actor who defied the odds and carved a name for himself in Bollywood. Now in the world of sales and entrepreneurship, Richard shares his extraordinary story from Manchester, UK, to the glittering world of Mumbai’s film industry, highlighting the gripping twists and turns along the way. Pivoting from acting, Richard is now a sales director for high-revenue B2B businesses and has recently launched a hygienic product called Grapplers Guard—a soap designed for athletes.

In this episode, Richard discusses his transition from Bollywood to sales, revealing the secrets behind his coaching strategies that have helped companies and sales reps achieve remarkable success. Digging into his latest venture, Grapplers Guard, he explains how his personal experience with staph infection inspired him to develop this unique product. Richard delves into the properties of colloidal silver, the active ingredient in his soap, and its benefits for athletes, especially grapplers. This episode offers a blend of entertainment, inspiration, and practical advice for listeners.

Key Takeaways:
Richard’s unique journey from a British actor in Bollywood to a successful sales director for high-revenue businesses.
The surprising yet effective ways Richard helps businesses assess and refine their sales processes.
Insightful stories of individual sales reps, including remarkable success stories from Richard’s coaching.
Richard’s creation of Grapplers Guard, a specialized soap for fighters and grapplers, inspired by his personal bout with a staph infection.
The therapeutic benefits of colloidal silver in combating bacterial infections and promoting overall health.

Notable Quotes:
“When I first started, I made $17,000 in my second month. I made 25,000 in my third, 33 in my fourth, and continually going up since then.”
“In three days, the staph infection cleared up completely after using colloidal silver.”
“Quite a lot of companies I work with have funding from VC, capital, or angel investors, but if you have my consulting fees, I’m happy to work with anyone.”
“You have no idea, it’s 0.5% silver, but that’s all you need for it to have an effect.”
“You have to accept, sometimes there’s just balls on your face. That’s part of the jujitsu journey.”