The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Run LAPS, Get Strong: Do Discipleship Differently by Dr. J. Calvin Tibbs

Run LAPS, Get Strong: Do Discipleship Differently by Dr. J. Calvin Tibbs

What if you could discover the joy, power, and benefits of moving beyond the potential of sermons to the power that comes from living the content we consume? The LAPS method helps spiritual content come to life by asking four core questions that kickstart spiritual awareness.

In J. Calvin Tibbs’ Run LAPS, Get Strong, you’ll learn how to Do Discipleship Differently through a method that processes spiritual content to help Christian believers level up as disciples. This world is in desperate need of upgraded followers of Christ. Because the hour is late, this moment in human history calls for exponential spiritual growth so that the Lord’s work both in and outside of the church building, can maximize our efforts. We must outsmart and outmaneuver the devil. In this book, you’ll learn:
How to Run LAPS and Get Strong
Why Doing Discipleship Differently is needed
How to Run LAPS in everyday life
What has been missing in your spiritual journey
As disciples, we are responsible to work the Word of God into our everyday life. People who Run LAPS, Do Discipleship Differently to accomplish this task. Across the faith spectrum, pastors, parishioners, ministers and members Get Strong when they learn to connect these dots, where Faith, Life and Community meet. Seamlessly grow to your next faith level using the Run LAPS, Get Strong model for spiritual acceleration.