The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Suck It Up Cupcake: Stop Screwing Yourself and Get the Life You Want by Dennis McCurdy

Suck It Up Cupcake: Stop Screwing Yourself and Get the Life You Want by Dennis McCurdy

A better life awaits…

…if you could only get out of your own way.

Are you your own worst enemy?

This is a book about fear, determination, self-defeating mindsets, and how to overcome every obstacle that life puts in your way.

Dennis was not an overachiever. Finishing high school eighth from the bottom of his class, he went off to Vietnam to fight for his country. When he returned, at age 24, he sold hot dogs and donuts. Broke and depressed, wasn’t how he wanted to spend his life.

He had two things going for him.

Dennis wasn’t afraid to work hard and learn (and teach himself) what he needed.

In twelve years, he built several (real estate and other) businesses and was worth over (1) one million dollars.

Designing the life you want is about learning to problem solve in ways most people never consider. This book will give you insights into yourself and what you need to succeed.

You’ll learn how to:

Stop waiting and start
Pay Attention, learn to know yourself
The Compound Effect will move you forward step by step- will show you that every action moves you (Powerful concept)
The potential of the Law of Association
Master the power of Deliberate Practice
And much more

This book is about solutions.

You’ll love this personal development book, because Dennis speaks from the heart, isn’t afraid of the truth, and shows you the path.

About the Author
A self-employed businessman since the age of 23; Dennis understands what it takes to be successful; his company, McCurdy Group, was awarded the prestigious 5 Star Designation in 2003. Dennis has started 10 businesses, and has owned millions of dollar in real estate.

As president of Adam Beck Institute, he speaks frequently about personal development and growth. His 5-week workshop, Find A Way, was developed for individuals who want to invigorate their life, reach for their dreams, and learn new ways to achieve… Those who have attended his presentations agree–Dennis is a practical and down-to-earth coach/guide. No frills just lots of meat and potatoes.

Dennis is the author of; Find, A Way, A Guide to Getting The Most From Life, and 52 Ways To Find A Way and he is currently working on his third book, “Suck it Up Cupcake, How to Stop Screwing Yourself and Get the Life You Want”