The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Aliens Step In (Defenders of Time) by Gene P Abel

The Aliens Step In (Defenders of Time) by Gene P Abel

In the final installment of the Defenders of Time science fiction trilogy by Gene P. Able, The Aliens Step In, everything changes.

Agent Lou Hessman and his team discover parts of their time travel facility are disappearing. The Chinese spies behind this event have successfully altered the past-and they are using means beyond current human technology that could prove disastrous for the time and space continuum.

With only a small window of opportunity before their time travel operation is completely erased, the U. S. team visits the past to try and erase the Chinese attack in the first place. The impacts of interfering with time go far beyond anything Agent Hessman and his intrepid team of time defenders could have imagined-worlds beyond, in fact. Their efforts bring them face-to-face with an alien being, Sonsa Tabbak, who arrives to stop human time travel before a universal catastrophe can occur.

What happens next changes everything, everywhere, forever. We are not alone.

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