The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Beautiful and the Wild by Peggy Townsend

The Beautiful and the Wild by Peggy Townsend

The dangers of Alaska aren’t limited to storms, starvation, and grizzly bears. Sometimes the most dangerous thing is the person you love.

It’s summer in Alaska and the light surrounding the shipping-container-turned-storage shed where Liv Russo is being held prisoner is fuzzy and gray. Around her is thick forest and jagged mountains. In front of her, across a clearing, is a low-slung cabin with a single window that spills a wash of yellow light onto bare ground. Illuminated in that light is the father of her child, a man she once loved. A man who is now her jailor. Liv vows to do anything to escape.

Carrying her own secrets and a fierce need to protect her young son, Liv must navigate a new world where extreme weather, starvation, and dangerous wildlife are not the only threats she faces. With winter’s arrival imminent, she knows she must reckon with her past and the choices that brought her to the unforgiving Alaskan landscape if she is ever going to make it out alive.

A story of survival in the wilds of Alaska, The Beautiful and the Wild explores the question of whether we can ever truly know the person we love—or ourselves.

About the author
Peggy Townsend is an award-winning journalist who has panhandled with street kids, taken to the skies with pararescuers, and once chased an escaped murderer through a graveyard at midnight. Her first mystery, “See Her Run,” was listed as one of “13 Thrillers to Keep You Up at Night” by Kirkus Reviews. Her second book “The Thin Edge,” arrived May 14, 2019 and was called “an outstanding” novel by The Associated Press. She has rafted rivers, come face-to-face with grizzly bears in Alaska and has twice lived in a van for seven weeks — which makes her seem more adventurous than she actually is. She divides her time between the Central California coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains.