The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Black Seas of Infinity by Daniel J Henk

The Black Seas of Infinity by Daniel J Henk

Visions of pulp era heroes fill his thoughts. He dreams big, but harsh reality digs in as he grows up, and he resigns himself to building surveillance drones for the military. After a brief probative period, he’s moved into the clandestine world of investigating crashed alien craft. Fascinated beyond anything he thought possible, it’s a dream come true.

A strange find leads to obsession. Combined with his lack of social skills it eventually gets him fired. But he’s seen too much. A year later he returns and pulls off a bloody heist. Fleeing into the woods, the military in hot pursuit, he makes a mad scramble up the coast.
This is the 2nd, heavily reworked and edited edition of my debut novel. I loved the story, but after a decade and a half as an author, I felt I could bring the story more to life with my updated skills.

Here are some high-level summary notes from the podcast interview with author and illustrator Dan Henk:

Dan Henk is an author and illustrator known for dark, horror-influenced artwork. He has published several horror/sci-fi novels.

His latest books are a re-release of his debut novel “The Black Seas of Infinity” about an apocalyptic alien encounter, and an anthology “The Never Dead” with 14 authors contributing horror stories.

Early influences were sci-fi and horror books, as well as drawing political cartoons and album art for punk bands. He aimed to be a comic book artist originally.

He incorporates visually striking and often disturbing illustrations into his book projects. His art style frequently features horror and nihilistic themes.

Life experiences like surviving a stabbing, brain cancer, and his wife’s tragic death have shaped his outlook and creative drive. He maintains productivity across writing, illustrations, tattooing, podcasting, and more.

On his podcast “Skull Sessions” he interviews other creatives in the horror/sci-fi world about their work and inspirations.

Overall Dan Henk has channeled darkness in life into prolific artistic output across multiple mediums, carving out a distinct niche in the world of horror.