The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Growth Trap: A Continuous Plan to Avoid the Traps of Life and Build a Better You by Ralph DiBugnara

The Growth Trap: A Continuous Plan to Avoid the Traps of Life and Build a Better You by Ralph DiBugnara

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ralph DiBugnara provides a guide for anyone seeking to avoid or move beyond setbacks for the sake of future personal and professional growth.

“The Growth Trap is a Must-Read for anyone who is looking to achieve growth in their personal and business life and are ready to level up their game. We all experience Growth Traps throughout our careers and this book helps you overcome them.“ – Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the Infomercial and Original Shark on ABCs hit show Shark Tank

This book is like a how-to manual on how to avoid the traps in life personal and professional. It also serves as a handbook on growth. Definitely a must read for any up and coming professional or anyone looking for personal growth. – Hovain, President of Cinematic Management, Hip Hop music executive manager

Growth is a natural part of life between the ages of birth and adulthood, as human beings typically get bigger, stronger, smarter, and more functional with age. This growth is unintentional and requires little to no effort—but at some point, that growth stops, and an individual’s progress is then limited to whether or not they are actively seeking future development.

The Growth Trap addresses a condition that Ralph DiBugnara has dealt with throughout his life—personally, professional, and directly with his brand. After seasons of stagnated growth, he’s learned the necessity of intentionally pursuing progress, rather than expecting goals to be accomplished without effort.

Ralph explains how many get caught in a growth trap when they deem progress and change to be too much of a challenge. These individuals like to talk, reminisce, and ultimately identify with their “past selves,” because it’s easier than facing who they are now. And while it’s better to pursue growth and work towards the accomplishment of one’s goal, that doesn’t mean that it’s possible to avoid all growth traps along the way.

Ralph DiBugnara’s The Growth Trap is an essential resource for those looking to achieve their goals and avoid pitfalls that will hinder their progress. He shares his personal experiences—as well as the strategies he learned along the way—so that readers can grow their brands and businesses while becoming true disruptors in every aspect of their lives.

About the Author
Ralph DiBugnara is a nationally recognized real estate expert who serves as President of Home Qualified – the digital resource for buyers, sellers and real estate agents driving today’s millennial market; and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company behind $50 billions of closed loans. A frequent industry commentator, Ralph is considered one of the leading voices across the next big trends in real estate.