The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Long November by Walt Gragg

The Long November by Walt Gragg

In the tradition of Red Storm Rising and Red Metal, an American military force fights a desperate battle against an overwhelming enemy.

What started as a military coup in Pakistan has ignited South Asia and threatens to spread to the world’s largest democracy in India.

American and British allies struggle to rescue Western civilians who have been cut off in Islamabad. What starts as a desperate race turns into a grim siege.

But the fate of a few innocents pales in comparison to one inescapable fact: Pakistan is a nuclear power and some of those weapons are unaccounted for.

About the author
Walt Gragg lives in the Austin, Texas area with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He is a retired attorney. Prior to law school, he spent a number of years in the military. His time with the Army involved many interesting assignments including three years in the middle of the Cold War at United States European Headquarters in Germany where the idea for

The RED LINE took shape.

In this assignment he was privy to many of the elements of the actual American plan in place at the time for the conduct of the defense of Germany. While there, he also participated in a number of war games that became the basis for many of the novel’s events.