The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Reaper’s Dance: 1000 Days of COVID by Ravi R. Iyer MD

The Reaper’s Dance: 1000 Days of COVID by Ravi R. Iyer MD

From the suburbs of Washington, DC, and northern Virginia to the bat-infested caves of Wuhan, China, Dr. Ravi Iyer traces the myriad networks of the virus that brought the entire world to its knees for twenty-four months and decimated the lives of millions in its path. The Reaper’s Dance puts you in a ringside seat to the horror of the COVID pandemic, the calculations of men who were in positions to influence the fate of millions, the science that might have unleashed the pandemic, and the science that saved the world. From the failures of governments and leaders to the triumphs of individual men and women, The Reaper’s Dance is a story of the complex and compelling tapestry of human hubris and humility, courage, and cowardice, with an enduring, cautionary message for all humankind.

The Reaper’s Dance is a must-read that will inspire you, shake you, and wake you up.

Additional Praise for The Reaper’s Dance:
An intensely gripping account of the COVID pandemic. The writing is fast-paced and the book reads like a thriller but remains factual and very well-cited in its references. This is a book to be savored and returned to for its continued relevance long after the last page has been read…. H. H

Dr. Ravi Iyer has done a fabulous job in pulling together the story on the political stance changes, the thinking on the origins of the virus, and weaving it into the narrative in a fast-moving book that gripped me from the first page. I kept catching myself thinking as I read it, “Oh yes, that did happen”, “Trump did indeed say that” … and shake my head in disbelief as I read on. I liked the stories of the specific patients that peppered the evolution of the analysis of the pandemic. Also the bit on the seniors with cognitive decline … it hadn’t occurred to me how difficult it would have been to care for that group…. A. B