The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Secret of the Magic eyePad: Putney Hick Inventor Adventures–Book 1 (Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures) by Marsha Tufft

The Secret of the Magic eyePad: Putney Hick Inventor Adventures–Book 1 (Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures) by Marsha Tufft

2021 Readers’ Favorite GOLD MEDAL WINNER
2022 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Silver Medal WINNER
2023 Moonbeam Book Awards Silver Medal WINNER

She dreams of becoming an inventor. First, she has to survive middle school…

Putney Hicks just wants things to go right for once. A socially awkward girl dropped among rich kids in an experimental STEM institution, the anxious twelve-year-old can’t seem to see her own potential. But life sprinkles in a surprise when she receives a mysterious tablet housing an advanced, talkative intelligence.

Wondering if the friendly pixie in the device is alien or supernatural, Putney is determined to keep it safe while exploring its possibilities. But when competitive art and science projects lead to an ill-advised bet with a wealthy mean girl, the would-be engineer may be in way over her head.

Will Putney’s mysterious new mentor help her make it through her first week in class?

The Secret of the Magic eyePad is the award-winning first book in the Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you like girls in STEM, preteen drama, and clever innovations, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s lighthearted tale.

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What Readers’ Favorite says:

★★★★★ The Secret of the Magic eyePad is a sci-fi adventure book for children by Marsha Tufft. Twelve-year-old Putney Hicks is a science and math prodigy but often finds herself struggling in social situations. Putney is about to start seventh grade in a new experimental STEM school when she receives a mysterious gift from Miss Pepper, her favorite teacher from Kodiak Elementary. The gift turns out to be an “eyePad,” containing an advanced interface of a holographic pixie named Sam… Her only problem is Sue Wexford, a rich girl who never fails to embarrass Putney. However, with the upcoming Science Fair, Putney is determined to beat Sue in the design challenge. Will she succeed?

★★★★★ Geared to readers aged 10-15 years, Tufft’s book is a masterpiece with a great storyline and even greater lessons. The novel will surely generate a love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in young readers. It will teach them to think critically, enhancing their problem-solving skills. I loved the learning curve Tufft incorporated in the plot, depicting the prototyping and designing steps that led to the perfect invention. The innovative curriculum at Putney’s school maintained a balance between science and art and highlighted the importance of healthy competition and teamwork. These lessons were complemented by an intriguing and fun plot featuring newly blossomed friendships, a little bit of rivalry, and a few instances of sleuthing. Tufft included just the right amount of magic to hold the plot together. The colorful illustrations were at once informative and relaxing. As a reader with a scientific background, I found The Secret of the Magic eyePad to be a unique resource suitable for including in school libraries and reading assignments.

★★★★★ Marsha Tufft does an incredible job of writing about science, curiosity, and self-discovery. There is something magical in this book and readers will enjoy that part of the story. But the part about product design is written in a fun way and packed with information and insight that will fuel the problem-solving skills of young readers and ignite their imaginations. The Secret of the Magic eyePad is written in the first-person narrative and it is a humorous voice that reflects the thoughts and feelings of a young character. It is filled with fun activities, interesting characters, and lessons on solving problems. It is as realistic as it is magical.

About the author
Award-winning author Marsha Tufft loves snorkeling in the ocean with sea turtles, teaching her dogs cool tricks, and solving problems by coming up with her own designs. Marsha is a retired engineer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, and a doctorate degree in materials engineering. She enjoys developing experiments targeting girls to give them fun experiences with science, engineering, math, and design.

Because math is so important to success in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—Marsha has fun experiments that show the magic and power of math.