The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Sex Trafficker’s Wife: A Story of Truth, Faith, and Trust in Self by A. Quick

The Sex Trafficker’s Wife: A Story of Truth, Faith, and Trust in Self by A. Quick

She was a loving housewife. He was a hard-working husband. Together they shared three precious boys. Their marriage wasn’t perfect, but there was love between them, and it worked…right until that fateful day when it all fell apart.

This is the true story of Amanda who, through no fault of her own, found herself caught up by the darkest most insidious corners of the criminal world of sex trafficking minors. Her husband, the man she loved and the father of her children, was a criminal. And when it all came down, she was left holding the pieces.

This book is written for the women left in the shadows and the aftermath. For the spouses and partners who lose everything in an instant, but still have to keep going, navigating through complex legal systems, coming to terms with the betrayal, and somehow “holding it all together for the kids.” The ones nobody talks about, except in hushed whispers.

With a remarkably candid tone, and a clear explanation of events and facts, Quick pulls back the curtain on what happens to those left behind once the perpetrator is caught.

Much more than a memoir, this book is also a beacon of light and hope for others in the same situation.

As Amanda states, “My message to the world is really quite simple. The only person who can change your life is you. Every single person has the power to choose differently.”

Are you ready?

It is time to shake off the shackles of the past that were put on you by another. It is time to step into your own power. It is time to trust yourself. It is time to begin to heal.