The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology by Rachael Melot

The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology by Rachael Melot

Can women have success, be powerful, and also be proud of the rewards of her hard work? Can women be successful inside and outside the home? Can they have family, a highly-charged career, love, money, and friendships? Yes! Yes, they can. And now, they can do it all, without apology. Like most women, you probably apologize more than you recognize. You apologize for working late, for being more highly educated than friends and family, for not making the parent-teacher conference or chaperoning a field trip, for the raise, for the convertible, for not cooking for the family each night, for…. You get the picture. It’s a girl thing – we always seem to say “sorry.” Rachael Melot is leading the movement for apology recognition and omission. Rachael has written a brilliantly thought out road map of mental change. What The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology offers: – Personal triumphs, career highs and lows, as well as anecdotes inspired by her oft-times humorous Oklahoma upbringing. – Readers get an insider’s glimpse into Rachael’s life, and are challenged to acknowledge their own deeply ingrained tendency to apologize. – She details what inspired her to push through after her divorce and achieve professional, personal and financial success. – Through her motivating wisdom and #SassyHashtags women will realize how apologetic behavior can be detrimental to the respect they deserve, the advancement they’ve earned, and the life they want to live. The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology-by a leader – for leaders, inspired by a woman who just wanted equality and would not apologize for attaining it HER way. #HowDoYouLikeMeNow

About the author
Entrepreneur / Speaker / Author

Rachael mentors men and women on how to adapt office conversations, home routines, and daily expectations to promote womens’ success in every form and most importantly, without apology.

Read her story in her first published book, The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology, and the podcast series “Success Without Apology” which can be downloaded on the blog page or subscribed to on iTunes or Stitcher. You can find more about Rachael Melot and her speaking style on her site. This combination of midwestern southern gal meets NYC thriving ad executive delivers a perspective and authority unlike anyone you have heard before on the topic of success both at the office and home.