The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions by John Wolpert

The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions by John Wolpert

An inspiring and exciting guide to building unstoppable momentum for your transformative ideas

In The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions veteran tech innovator John Wolpert delivers an exciting, hands-on guide to using the principles of Momentum Thinking to get you―and your organization―unstuck. You’ll learn how to build unstoppable velocity for your big idea, product, or strategy as you blast through the endless objections and counterarguments that bedevil every innovator and changemaker.

You’ll discover how to address common “but” complaints, like “But that’s too expensive,” or “But that won’t work,” at the same time as you refine your idea and polish it into a gem worthy of attention and implementation. In the book, you’ll also find:

Explanations for why a “but” statement should always be followed by another “but” statement
Discussions of why “toxic positivity” and blind optimism can be just as harmful as constant naysaying
Step-by-step strategies for transforming momentum-killing objections into momentum-boosting innovation rocket fuel
A can’t-miss resource for managers, executives, directors, and business leaders everywhere, The Two But Rule is also perfect for product managers, professionals in any field, government and academic leaders, and anyone else ready to successfully tackle their most stubborn and intractable problems.

About John Wolpert
John Wolpert is an esteemed speaker, writer and thinker in technology and business innovation. As a CEO, product executive, and advisor, he’s been at the vanguard of technological breakthroughs from the early days of the Web to the rise of artificial intelligence. John is known for founding Flywheel, a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry. His work at IBM made him a key figure in the evolution of open source software, blockchain, and AI. He’s co-founded global R&D consortia and industry standards bodies, and his thought leadership on Open Innovation has been showcased in the Harvard Business Review. John has led countless new venture workshops and spoken before the European Union and the Australian Parliament in his mission to help organizations work together to solve hard problems.