The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Think Unbroken: Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma by Michael Anthony

Think Unbroken: Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma by Michael Anthony

I wrote this book because it is the book that I needed when I started my journey to both understanding and overcoming my traumatic past. When I started I never expected what it would become.The short version is this: I come from a dark place, my ACE score is ten, and I attempted to take my own life twice, not to mention being morbidly obese and a drug addict at 12 years old. Today, I am happy, healthy, and driven towards being my best self every day. Why? Because I choose to Think Unbroken.I have taken the tools and science from countless hours and years of education, mentorship, therapy, trial and error, and plain and simple dedication to my health, and distilled them down into a palatable book that is less about my story, and more about how to change your mindset through real world exercises and understanding.The world likes to label people who come from nothing as “broken.” I don’t believe that about trauma survivors. I believe that we simply have not had the right heroes and teachers to follow. We are not broken. What started as a simple blog post has turned into a guide and dare I say a companion to be by your side as you walk into the depths of self-actualization and healing. I hope that you will find what I found in this book and that is hope, understanding, reflection, shift, honesty, and a spark.The impact of childhood trauma and abuse can forever alter the course of history. Throughout generations, countless children have been hurt by those that are meant to care for them. Yet, in society once those children turn to adults the impacts of child abuse are often discounted and spoken to with the frame of ‘that was years ago” or “it’s time to get over it.” The reality is that we are at the core a collection of all of our experiences leading up to this very moment. If the childhood trauma survivor’s foundation is built atop a volcano, then sooner or later it will be engulfed. Childhood trauma and abuse is the elephant in the room of societies mental health epidemic, and most people don’t know how to understand the role that trauma has played in their life.When I sat down to craft the baseline of The Think Unbroken book, I did so intending to create something that would be a testimony to the undeniable will of the human mindset. For generations, the world has been plagued by the ramifications of the effects of Child Trauma, and like millions of childhood trauma survivors, I was stuck in The Vortex. My life in a word was a disaster. I was an addict of undeniable proportions, I was morbidly obese and suffocating under the weight of my past. Think Unbroken is not only a guide to helping other Trauma Survivors find their way out of The Vortex, but it is also the cornerstone to how I changed my life. I am, in essence, a product of my product, and I believe that Think Unbroken is the key to taking the first steps in overcoming the effects of childhood trauma.This book will expose you to possibility through mindset, palatable understandings of self, and a step by step guide to discovering out how to place the first piece of the puzzle on the table. What you will find in Think Unbroken is not just my story, but a reflection of the possibilities that can become a reality when you understand that Mindset is Everything. Childhood trauma took everything from me, but I took everything back, and so can you.“THOUGH TRAUMA MAY BE OUR FOUNDATION IT IS NOT OUR FUTURE.”