The Chris Voss Show Podcast – We Love You, Madam President by Alvin S Berger

We Love You, Madam President by Alvin S Berger

The invention of a sentient computer imported from Israel leads to political chaos in America. This computer is more than human-better than human-with its limitless memory storage and human characteristics, which prove to be big trouble for the perverted President of the United States. His mistakes lead to his downfall and that of his entire cabinet. With Washington in chaos, two CIA agents and some members of the Senate try to halt what the deep state conspirators want to accomplish through bribery and deceit. The murder of anyone who gets in their way means nothing to them, mere collateral damage of their nefarious plan. Rising from the tumult is a brilliant woman who breaks through the glass ceiling as she fights to become the first female president with the knowledge of the world at her fingertips. She must rely on her own intuition and the goodness of humanity to shine through the darkness of dirty politics.

Here are some high-level summary notes from The Chris Voss Show podcast interview with author Alvin S. Berger:

Alvin S. Berger is an author who began writing later in life. His background is as a dentist who loved continuing education and personal development.

His first book “A Mind of Her Own” was inspired by a note he wrote to his partner Vera, who encouraged him to turn it into a book.

His second book is “We Love You Madam President” – a speculative fiction novel about the first female U.S. president, AI, and political intrigue. It came out of imagining walking with the characters through scenarios.

Berger also sculpts and paints. He finds immediate artistic mediums quicker for an audience to absorb than the time investment of reading a full book.

His third upcoming book is “Tentacles of Corruption” tackling political corruption and AI. He used a real AI system to generate text for the book.

Writing allows Berger to feel connected to the characters. He prints out each page, edits by hand, and compiled a physical manuscript before publishing.

There are plans to potentially turn “We Love You Madam President” into a screenplay and movie. Berger is working with Blackstone Publishing and feels honored at the positive response to his books as a first-time author.