The Chris Voss Show Podcast – What Should I Do with My Money?: Economic Insights to Build Wealth Amid Chaos by Bryan Kuderna

What Should I Do with My Money?: Economic Insights to Build Wealth Amid Chaos by Bryan Kuderna

An eye-opening panoramic guide providing the economic literacy you need to be in control of your money decisions and get on the path to long-term financial independence

“We are all on this earth together, and so is our money,” Bryan Kuderna writes. “You must understand that money, your money, rests at the heart of every major issue in the world.”

Kuderna, a Certified Financial Planner™ and nationally recognized financial advisor, knows first-hand that the key to wise financial decisions is a deep understanding of economics. When his clients ask him, “What should I do with my money?” Kuderna has found the conversation quickly turns from one of personal finance to a 360-degree view of economics, illustrating why and how issues on the global stage and the kitchen table are directly connected.

In What Should I Do with My Money?, Kuderna explains how economies and markets are affected by the way people live, learn, love, work, play, and pray―for it is these behaviors that determine how groups, corporations, and nations make money or lose money. Using history, storytelling, and sage insights, Kuderna takes you on a panoramic tour of the nine most important domains impacting your wealth:

POPULATION―a rapidly growing and shifting balance of givers and takers
ENTITLEMENTS―the past, present, and future of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, pensions, and stimulus programs
EDUCATION―costs and benefits of college and student loans
ECONOMIC PHILOSOPHY―political and monetary beliefs that govern our world
ENVIRONMENT―the sustainability of our planet amid global warming, plastics, and finite natural resources
TECH―opportunities and threats from the fastest-growing sector of the stock market
WAR―the use of proxy wars, civil military fusion, cyber, and economic attacks
RELIGION―how faith has steered economies from the stone age to the space age
PERSONAL FINANCE―a plan to attain the Three I’s: Impact, Independence, and Income
Each chapter includes special features explaining the “macro” problem and what it means to your personal “micro” world―helping you connect the dots of global issues to your own financial plan.

Now more than ever you might feel overwhelmed, the victim of existing economic structures, but wait and see how there has been no better time for you to take control and build wealth.