The Chris Voss Show Podcast – What You Need to Know About Voting–and Why by Kim Wehle

What You Need to Know About Voting–and Why by Kim Wehle

A step-by-step guide to every American’s most fundamental right and civic duty – just in time for the 2020 presidential election.

Nothing is more important to the health of a democracy than the right to vote. Yet less than half of eligible voters routinely show up to the polls. Part of the problem is that the basics of the process we use to choose our elected leaders remain shrouded in mystery for many Americans.

In What You Need to Know About Voting – and Why, law professor and constitutional scholar Kimberly Wehle unravels that mystery, offering practical, useful advice on the mechanics of voting and an enlightening survey of its history and future.

What is a primary? How does the electoral college work? Who gets to cast a ballot and why? Wehle answers these questions and more in a clear, engaging, and conversational tone. From where and how to register in the various states to how to change your registration when you move, this indispensable book outlines the necessary steps to take to become an active participant in the electoral process.

For new voters, would-be voters, young people looking ahead to the next election, and those seeking citizenship, What You Need to Know About Voting – and Why is a timely and informative guide, providing the background you need in order to make informed choices that will shape our shared destiny for decades to come.

Kimberly Wehle (pronounced “Whale-ee”) is an author, lawyer, law professor, and on-air and off-air legal expert, analyst and commentator for CBS News. She has also appeared on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, NPR, and PBS. In addition, Wehle is a contributor for BBC World News, and a contributor for The Bulwark and The Hill. She has also written for the Baltimore Sun and LA Times. She is a former Assistant United States Attorney, Associate Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation, and author of “How to Read The Constitution–and Why” and “What You Need to Know about the Right to Vote–and Why,” which is forthcoming in June 2020, and “The Outsourced Constitution: How Public Power in Private Hands Erodes Democracy,” by Cambridge University Press. For updates, you can follow her on Twitter @kim_wehle and like her on Facebook and on her Instagram.