The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Winning Through Platforms: How to Succeed When Every Competitor Has One (American Marketing Association) by Ted Moser, Charlotte Bloom, Omar Akhtar

Winning Through Platforms: How to Succeed When Every Competitor Has One (American Marketing Association) by Ted Moser, Charlotte Bloom, Omar Akhtar

Winning through Platforms is your new go-to guide for modern competitive advantage.

Digital platforms are no longer for just the tech elite. They’re spreading to every company and industry, powered by the growth of customer sensors, streaming data, and artificial intelligence―lighting the valuable customer Use journey that was formerly dark.

How will you succeed when your markets get platform-crowded? Three senior advisers to the world’s leading technology companies reveal how to win through platforms when every competitor has one.

Winning through Platforms decodes growth moves from a decade of platform competition, communicates them through a platform playbook. It’s a treasure trove of 24 proven platform strategies―such as customer coalition design, in-use enrichment, AI branding, and much more. These playbook strategies are delivered through engaging stories of over 50 companies, plus proprietary frameworks and workshop-style questions that lead you to act.

This game-changing playbook will teach you how to:

Revitalize your business through strategic use of platforms
Design platforms that are compelling to customers and hard for competitors to match
Accelerate in-market growth through brand-and-demand excellence that spans your customer’s entire platform journey
Innovate in high-impact benefit areas to differentiate your platform
Elevate your customer’s personal platform experience
Transform your enterprise and operations to drive superior performance
Every CEO, innovator, go-to-market leader, and aspiring professional will gain valuable insight through this book. Whether your company is just starting on its first platform journey or is a born platform disruptor, this book will transform your ability to win.

Learn the platform playbook. Find and apply your plays.

This book forms part of the American Marketing Association (AMA) leadership series.

About the author
Ted Moser is a Senior Partner at Prophet, a growth and transformation consultancy. He helps leading technology-based companies to anticipate customer and market evolution, craft distinctive value growth strategies, and realizetheir ambitions. He holds an MBA with highest honors in marketing and strategy from the Wharton Business School, following a BS in Political Science from Wheaton College. Based in San Francisco, he has lived and worked extensively in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

His published thought leadership focuses on pattern recognition that helps companies thrive in the face of change. He previously co-authored Profit Patterns to identify how profit pools would shiftwith Internet business model innovation. In recent years, his extensive consulting work with global platform leaders and with companies transforming to platforms inspired him to write Winning Through Platforms.

Ted supports global microfinance development as a lifelong avocation. He has helped to scale the Opportunity International microfinance network, which has served over 250 million of the world’s poor and is developing innovative platforms to better serve poor farmers, schools, and microentrepreneurs. He served on program boards of CGAP, the World Bank-affiliated multilateral research group, to help extend the boundaries of global digital financial inclusion.