The Chris Voss Show Podcast – WITH LOVE, FROM PLANET B: A sapphic spiritual sci-fi fantasy novel by ZAAYIN SALAAM MD.

WITH LOVE, FROM PLANET B: A sapphic spiritual sci-fi fantasy novel by ZAAYIN SALAAM MD.

Our world is about to change very fast. Are you ready for a story that takes you deeper into your spirit?

It’s 2085, and the 6th extinction event is unfolding. The climate crisis escalated after we ignored the deadlines. Super corporations created the Free One World Nation, which now rules the world.

Zara is a Master Lucid Dreamer, waiting to Lucid Teleport to a suitable exo-planet once it’s found. She is spiritual, deconstructing the religious beliefs forced on her as a child. Lex, her girlfriend and team mathematician is an atheist. She discovers the existence of Planet B.

Join Zara and Lex on their hero’s journey as they each earn their way into this utopia. Will they cure themselves of Three Spiritual Diseases that afflict all Earthlings? Will they survive on Planet B?

Several predictions from this novel have already come true. Those who receive the messages embedded in this story will be better prepared for the massive shifts to come.

Here are some summary notes from the podcast interview:

Zaayin Salaam is the author of the new sci-fi spiritual novel “With Love From Planet B”, releasing November 11, 2023.

The book is set in the year 2085, where climate change has ravaged Earth. Corporations rule and two heroines try to save the world by teleporting to an alternate dimension.

Zaayin Salaam has a medical background and was always interested in science, quantum physics, and spirituality. She wrote the book over several years, going through extensive edits and rewrites.

The book touches on her experiences growing up in Pakistan and immigrating to the U.S. The characters reflect parts of her own spiritual journey and desire to make a difference.

Key topics in the book include humanity’s possible extinction, climate refugees, controlling corporations, teleportation technology, quantum physics, dreams, and spiritual awakening.

Zaayin Salaam calls it a “spiritual sci-fi novel” that goes beyond dystopian tropes to focus on love, connection, and humanity’s potential. She hints at important spiritual insights layered throughout.

She wrote it to fill a void for more meaningful, intelligent sci-fi, especially lesbian sci-fi, that takes readers deeper spiritually. The book is meant to be transformative.

Zaayin Salaam is excited to finally publish her debut novel and hopes it inspires readers to see humanity’s positive potential during difficult times.