The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Yesteryear by Stephen G. Eoannou

Yesteryear by Stephen G. Eoannou

It’s 1930s Buffalo, and the Great Depression rages. Playwright Fran Striker needs to write the pilot for a new radio show but, to do so, he must overcome writer’s block, defeat a Gypsy curse, foil a plot to assassinate FDR, and recover stolen diamond rings belonging to an alcoholic boxing champion. Who was that masked man? Based on the controversial true-life story of Lone Ranger creator Fran Striker, Yesteryear takes us on a magical journey leading to an icon’s debut, a show that provided hope to Americans during the country’s darkest days.

About the Author
I’m a 5am writer. At that dark hour you can find me either writing in bed or writing up in the cupola of my 1865 Second Empire Victorian I’m restoring. No coffee. No tea. No candles or incense burning. Just me typing away with my one-eyed dog close by.

I love stories and novels with strong characters and a strong sense of place. The turf I carved out for myself is my hometown of Buffalo, New York, the setting and inspiration for much of my work. I’m trying to do for Buffalo what William Kennedy did for Albany and what Richard Russo did for Upstate New York. I think the three of us should discuss this over drinks. I’ll buy the first round.

Some of the books I’ve read recently are Secret Identity by Alex Segura and Fortune Favors The Dead by Stephen Spotswood. I also re-read It’s Superman! by Tom De Haven. Currently on my nightstand is Don’t You Know There’s A War On?: The American Homefront 1941-1945 by Richard R. Lingeman. I like reading fiction and non-fiction set during The Great Depression and World War Two. My mother, who grew up during this period, always told me that I romanticized that time. She was right.

When I’m not writing, you can find me working on the house or hunting for antiques and books to put in the house. I’ve been restoring the front staircase for over two years now. Evidently, I write and scrape paint slowly.