The Chris Voss Show – Needs Entrepreneurs

As some of you may know for a few weeks now I’ve been hosting a Online Chat Forum with my Twitter Followers in an experiemental forum. Ultimately a practice run for a show I’ve had in mind. I’m going to be hosting a frequent interview podcast online, where I’ll interview 1-2 successful Entrepreneurs per show. I’m looking profile successful entrepreneurs and give viewers an insight to the Entrepeneuaral mindset, skill set and in the meantime profile people’s companies and give them advertising and exposure to their business. On more than one Twitter account I have combined close to 50,000 Followers on Twitter I’m sure someone will benefit in one way or another. Given I grow at 25,000 followers every couple months its a good investment in the future.

The shows will be taped and archived so you can maximize your business exposure. Also it will have live viewers to pose questions we choose. A good 1/2 one hour exposure and given my background, I think I can know the right questions to help you and listeners get the best info. For my Bio see

Entrepreneurs that would like to be part of future interviews please email me at and we’ll discuss a future schedule.
Ladies Gents and Germs take a moment of your time to try my little quiz on my new show


Chris Voss