The Empowering Power of Crisis Challenges

I first met Tony Robbins in 1989. It helped change my life. Up until then I had studied old Earl Nightingale records, Napoleon Hill, The Acres of Diamonds Story. That year I went to seminars with Lou Tice and Anthony Robbins. Lou Tice taught me to challenge the paradigms in my world. Then, I remember being blown away by Tony. He gave me a game plan for life. It was a great time to meet him, he wasnt ganged by people, I’ll never forget chatting with him and shaking his giant hand. That was one of those key moments I used to change my life. Thanks Tony.


I can tell you I grew up poor, welfare poor. I couldnt have my friends over to the house, for fear they would see the welfare food, which would create bouts of ridicule. In High School, I had 2 sets of jeans and a single set of Payless Shoes. Our family’s rule was, you had to make those cheap shoes last 2 years. On top of that my parents had raised us up in a Religious Cult, that had kept us naive and ignorant about real life and society. At 16 I was about as dumb as a rock but I KNEW I WAS DUMB and I worked to change it. When I think about how much I didnt know it boggles my mind still. I had a huge hole to dig out of.

I had a Pell Grant for college which I turned away after the minimum success of my first business. While never going to college, there were several talents my personality had, that made me what I am. With no college, I educated myself informally reading and studying like nothing else. I may have been better off because I got to choose what I needed to study. I learned to learn, without the process of robotically repeating the answers out of a book I’d soon forget. Learning and adapting was the later key to success in my business’. I studied everything on business I could get my hands on, ever for 5 years I studied Harvard business theory, while never going to Harvard.

Tony helped change my life and gave me a blueprint for success. I listened to his stuff almost non-stop for a year. During that time I’d lost my business and car and was walking to work. I buried myself in his tapes as my seeming “life’s big break” was lost to pass the Stock Brokers Licenses Exam, by 3 wrong questions. Suddenly the fact that I was extremely positive and was working so hard, the lights started to come on and people noticed. My life changed overnight and kept on going. If you’ve read my bio on the About Tab, Click here, you’ve seen my life has been far from average and I feel like I’m only warming up.

Right now, is a tough time for everyone, there is fear, loss and all the other things that come with it. Everyones paradigms are being challenged at once. One thing I learned from Tony is when you’re challenged, you can either lock up or focus on getting through the storm. There are many times life has beaten me to the boxing mat and I tell people, as long as I can still move one little finger I’ll crawl and fight my way back. The list of business breaking challenges I’ve solved by focusing on a better result in the darkest moments are endless.

Now if you know me a little, I’m a very positive person and have coached hundreds of people an all aspects of life and business. My friends joke that there is more business sense in my stool than most people have in their head. Very funny. One of my friends quipped, that I have my fingers in so many business’ if it came out that one of them was International Arms Dealing, he would not be surprised. Through it all, even in my darkest moments, I try and shine some light into other people lives and help encourage and uplift them. Social Media has helped me influence more than ever, what I’ve already been doing for decades. I love the feeling when someone tells me I impacted their life in some way. Those comments make my worst day, my best day and sometimes come at the moment I also need them the most. I may have had a bad day but if I made someones day better, I win. While I do business online, you’ll see I work really hard to make people laugh and influence them if I can. Each of us in my mind, is surrounded by people who look up to us, to help them to fulfill their dreams. Whether your a parent or a person, its up to you to lead by example and make a positive influence on the lives around us. “A life worth living, is a life worth giving.”

Tony’s newest website The Power of Crisis is very important for you to see and share. Your life will be less for not seeing it and passing it along. Ask yourself what opportunities can I create out of this crisis to come out ahead and make it happen. Share it with people you know please, they may need it more than you know. The videos on there will impact your life, views and are free to watch. If it doesn’t help you, make sure you share it with as many people as you can. Thanks Tony for helping people are a very tough time. Please Retweet too. Lets get the word out.

Thank you,

Chris Voss

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