The Purple Pet Bed Unboxing Review

Delivers ScienceyOrthopedic Comfort
Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™ is engineered to adapt to your pet’s body for deep pressure relief and support.

Keeps Your PetFunky-Fresh
Just throw the antimicrobial, moisture-resistant, odor-neutralizing cover in the wash for easy cleanup.

Holds Up to theRuff-and-Tumble
The tougher-than-nails materials hold up to whatever shenanigans are afoot… or a-claw.

Function & Fashion
Now your fur baby can enjoy unparalleled, scientific comfort on a bed that looks great in any room.

Tough & Washable
The Purple® Pet Bed can handle any mayhem thanks to its ultra-durable, washable, and multi-layer protection.

Happy & Hygienic
Purple tech is crazy comfy for your pet, plus hypoallergenic and antimicrobial for everyone else.