The “Star Trek Into Darkness” Awesome Light Promo


I cannot remember the last time that a promotion for an upcoming movie was so awesome.  The movie studio behind “Star Trek Into Darkness” has gone where no other studio has gone before, at least for what I can remember.

Saturday March 23, 2013 was the day for the whole world to observe “Earth Hour”.  Earth Hour is an annual event created by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in that cities around the world shut off their lights for 60 minutes starting at 8:30pm local time and remain off until 9:30pm local time.  It is not required that ALL the lights be turned off.  What many cities have done to observe Earth Hour is shut down the lights to their famous landmarks like the opera house in Sydney, Australia or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.  London, England observed Earth Hour by shutting off the light to the Big Ben clock tower and the London Bridge.

What made London’s observance so spectacular was that the studio behind the upcoming movie, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, took advantage of the darkness to promote the movie in a way that is absolutely awesome.  They teamed up with “Ars Electronica” who specializes in the use of quadrotors, or remote controlled, quad-motored, helicopter drones in creating the “Starfleet” emblem in the sky using bright LED lights from the drones.

Here is the promo video of this event.