“Sucker Punch” The Ways Social Media Is Changing The Rules on Entertainment & Everything

Social Media’s collective power is re-writing the rules when it comes to media and choice. Whether its government, life or entertainment people want CONTROL over their choices now more than ever. THEY want to decide how good it is, the when, why and how they get it. They are finding they can as a group demand quality and choice. Recently, the movie “Sucker Punch” got panned and killed at the box office on opening night by movie goers lighting up their disappointment broadcasting it over the Social Media airways. This is a HUGE signal to movie companies to stop dumping crap movies on the public. The Movie reportedly cost $82 million to make and looks like with ticket sales wont even make back it marketing costs.

Companies and entertainment firms take note. Slinging crappy products, hoping consumers will take it, will backfire. Lady Gaga and Beiber came up through consumers who chose them through Youtube, rather than be forced to buy whatever is handed to them. The same with the rest of entertainment all the way up to governments. The power of information is in the hands of the people ushering in a new age of service to constituents and consumers.