There’s Nothing Wrong With Your ADD, Autistic, Disabled, Over Active Child…You Just Have a Firework

This video below really moved me tonight even though I’m not a Katie Perry fan at all. I’ve always been interested in how smart Savants, Autism and other mental conditions operate. Also ADD, which is called the CEO disease as most CEO’s have it. I’m a believer that our rigid “one stamp fits all” education system is an abortive failure to elements of our society that waste the extremely brilliant minds that are “different.”

I see kids like brain damaged or autistic kids who are many times mini-savants with how they can process and communicate through art, music etc. They have talents that utilize the true expanses of our brains many of us waste. If you have ever been exposed to a Savant they are amazingly smart. Mind blowing. Some people will say they are disabled but they are many times smarter than us in their own ways. I really believe we need to understand that not all kids are made alike and we need to find what their talents and strengths are and let them expand on that. We shouldnt shove every kid into a textbook education assembly line and we shouldnt think of kids as “others.” We’re all different and thats a good thing. We all have talents we can use to contribute to a better world. We are different on purpose. How boring would the world be if we were all the same.

We each have the potential to be brilliant in different ways. We all are different with individuals strengths. We are each the compliments to the strengths and weaknesses of each of us unto each other. I saw a TED talk a while ago that talked about how we need to end the ‘one size fits all” assembly line education process and child performance model. See TED video below.

I suffered massive ADD but it served me well to become a successful CEO. Like many kids like me, our problem was not that we were different, it was because some jackass thoughtlessly said there was only ONE mold because they were uncreative about how to channel our talents. Whats worse is that someone told us we were below average because we weren’t dumb or lazy enough to be folded into conformist lock steppers. I did horrible in school largely because I gave up, yet my life has been a successful stream of being a serial entrepreneur. Please watch the video by Sir Ken Robinson below the other video.

If your child is “different” its not that they are disabled. Its that they process and are brilliant in unique ways. I think every child has the power to shine in their own way and we must become better as a society at identifying it and channeling it. ADD is a CEO disease. What a grand curse. Where would we be without it? Your problem child isnt disabled and probably smarter even than the average person. They maybe smarter than you or I. They likely have talents that if you can tap into them and guide them to find their creative outlets you will have mini-savants on your hands. I almost went insane in school with the environment that surrounded me. You’re “problem” child isnt a problem. He’s smarter than all the other dummies at his level. He knows it and is frustrated, acting out and its driving him crazy. He lives in that hell and you have to help him find his talent outlet and quit treating him like a moron. Only until then can they get closer to finding their peace. Watch the TED talk below about the dancer diagnosed with ADD who helped many famous Broadway musicals.

Take a look at this little girl. She has incredible talent and probably smarter than other girls her age. I can see it. Its very moving and she has power. You need to dream your childs dreams and help them find their power. Maybe your child isnt different, maybe you just have a Firework…