THIEL Audio Bookshelf Monitor TM3 Speakers Review

THIEL’s TM3 speaker was designed to blend easily within any lifestyle. This sleek and intricate model will sit effortlessly on a shelf alongside your photos, books and other decorative pieces adding vibrancy in both style and sound. Neutral wood finishes compliment traditional and rustic home decor while the contemporary flare of the black gloss finish option will rejuvenate any modern color scheme. THIEL’s TM3 speakers were crafted specifically with titanium tweeters to produce a smooth high-frequency sound with the utmost clarity and control. With a lower sound pressure level these 1” dome tweeters help to reduce distortion so that you can enjoy the true precision of sound through each pair of speakers. The TM3’s also feature a high-frequency waveguide which helps to balance sound giving everyone in the room an unparalleled experience. THIEL employs a two-way design in the TM3 using a 6.5” woofer that serves as both the midrange and bass driver. Using glass fiber-cone technology to deliver an impressive low frequency extension and dominant sound quality with poise and precision. Meant to function best where space is minimal, the TM3 speakers deliver a powerful and vivid sound quality in a compact design. Tuck this stylish pair conveniently into your favorite room and press play when you’re ready to jam out to your favorite playlist. Say goodbye to speakers that disrupt your living space and detract from the overall look and feel. Enhance both your entertainment and your design with the sophistication of THIEL’s 3rd Avenue Collection. Optional Stands shown