Top Blog Sites Review

Technorati rates these as the Top Blog Sites so I figure I’d give them a round and see which ones I liked.

The Huffington Post of course was already a favorite of mine.
A great compilation of news with tons of stories that dont seem to dwell on Entertainment bunk. I almost love it as much as The Drudge Report. Great Political blogs and insight.

Techcrunch has a lot of current and up to date info, like today when Gmail went down and they had current updates. Lots of good techie stuff and great information.

Mashable This is a site I love, Mashable is like the WSJ or NYT of Social Media. They have their finger on the pulse of whats going on for Social Media. Whats great is the segment of the different mediums like Twitter, Facebook etc at the top of its page. Then you can follow news for the company you want to follow. This is a daily must stop or at least RSS and follow them on Twitter.

Engadget The authority on getting your geek gadget on – they review and announce upcoming goodies from TV’s to cell phones, etc. Great site for anyone addicted to get the newest gadget.

Gizmodo This has alot of Geekage stuff to and reviews a pretty broad spectrum of products. Gizmodo is my fav for some of the weird, odd and funny products or news items they find. If you want to find funny stuff to put up on your Twitter, go here.

Boingboing This is an always new an interesting site with all sorts of oddities in the world. Great for finding odd stuff to link people to on you social media.

Google Blog Ok great site for Google type info, honestly, a great read if your a PHD, have no life, or need something to read to goto sleep. Really its smart stuff but a sleeper. But I love Google – great products.

Lifehacker This is one of my new favorite sites, for some reason its quick and fun to read. It has a bunch of interesting stuff from geek stuff to funny stuff and you can browse quickly. You dont have to page down 20 pages or load tons of giant pics and the content is smart or funny. Right away I got some great info on some new stuff I didnt know about and found fast. I likey.

Arstechnica This site has alot of good technical information to it – very clean in delivery with few pictures. Honestly, I’m visual, so I choose the pic before I read the headline. Maybe its different if your left brained. Great site though, smart stuff.

TMZ From what I’m gathering just by watching topics, this site maybe everyones News site. I’m pretty sure this is what people are reading while killing time at their work. Great site for gossip hounds and celebrity rag hags. Name the latest Hollywood Star life in the dumps and you’ll find the whole scoop here. Makes you feel better about your life guaranteed. Tweet Grader is a awesome way to see you graded rank on Twitter, Blogs, Websites, etc. They grade many different internet media. Plus they have great SEO services – check them out and see your rank!

Seth Godin’s BlogSuper smart Blog and great Author of smart marketing brilliance. Be sure to check it out.

Anyway thats the round up – shoot your comments below – fun is fun!